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Thanks for your interest in KiFooKatch

This Kinect-based game is thought for teaching children the right way to eat, by controlling a boy to catch food falling from the sky.

The objective of the game is to catch healthy food to add points, if the user catches junk food it will lose points instead.

Kinect Implementation

We implement the Kinect classes to track a user and display it on the screen in a real-time process, and make a more interactive and interesant game for little children.


As the difficulty of the game increases the food fall will get faster and faster. Also if the user happens to catch a determined amount of junk food, the game will be lost. Healthy food will make the user get health and energy points, just as in real life!

Kinect Requirements

You need to have a Kinect sensor to play this game. Also you will need to have an USB adapter for the Kinect. In order to run this project in your computer you will need to install the Kinect Software. Please follow the instructions in this link.

Please be sure to download OpenNI, the NITE Framework, the Kinect drivers and the KINECT GREENFOOT SERVER (this one is available at the end of the greenfoot page).

To install the Kinect drivers in Windows 8.0 or 8.1 you need to restart your computer in advanced mode, in order to make this please follow the instructions in this link:

Also before running greenfoot please have your kinect connected and then run the Greenfoot Kinect Server (only search it and click it).


Please stand about 2 metters apart from the Kinect, raising your arms.

There's message that aims to restart the project, but there is no need to as the world constructs within a few seconds, so please just ignore that message.

The kinect Software may stop working after a few compilations due to memory issues as well. To resolve this go to the Temporary file in your computer and delete all archives starting with GKT. Then you may reload the Greenfoot Kinect Server. To avoid this please close the server before unplugging the sensor.

If you happened to erase all the temporary files, please install OpenNI again. Preferably all the Kinect drivers, too.

Authors and Contributors

Students of the UASLP, 2015. Valeria Cortez (@tiffcortez) Hugo Limón (@HugoLimon) With classes downloaded from the Greenfoot Kinect page.

Support or Contact?

Please feel free to contact us at: